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  • Chicken Combo

    Butter Chicken, Chickpea, Rice and Naan

  • Veg Combo

    Paneer Makhani, Chickpea, Rice and Naan


  • Chana Bhature

    Chickpea with Fried Naan


  • Chana Kulcha

    Chickpea with Stuffed Naan


  • Veg Samosa

    Crispy patties filled with spiced potatoes, peas, and tamarind sauce dip


  • Indian Fries

    Potato fingers dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried


  • Gol Gappa

    Hollow balls filled with chickpea, potato, and mixture of flavoured water


  • Onion Bhaji

    Finely chopped onion, seasoned and deep fried


  • Chaat Papri (Bombay Chaat)

    Crispy flakes mixed with chichpeas, potatoes, yogurt, and chutney


  • Veg Pakora

    Mived vegetable deep fried fritters


  • Aloo Tikki Chaat

    Mashed potato patties topped with chickpea, yogurt, and chutney


  • Samosa Chana Chaat

    Veg samosa topped with chickpeas, chutney, and yogurt


  • Paneer Pakora

    Indian cheese stuffed with tangy chutney and fried in chickpea batter


  • Masala Chicken Wings

    Masala Style Chicken Wings


  • Chicken Pakora

    Boneless chicken chunks marinated and deep fried in chickpea batter


  • Fish Pakora

    Fish Fritters dipped in a chickpea batter and crispy fried


  • Alcoholic Prawns (8 Pcs)

    Prawn sauteed with garlic and creamy wine


  • Indian Oven Special Platter

    Combination of veg pakora, paneer pakora, chicken pakora, & fish pakora


  • Tandoori Soya Chaap

    Soya chaap marinated with Indian spices and grilled


  • Malai Soya Chaap

    Soya chaap marinated with cream and cheese


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